Web Design Needs Assessment

Read through the list below to discern your webdesign needs.  If you don't have answers to the questions, you may want to do more research.  If you need direction or have questions, contact Webmaster Kate.  If after going through the list, you're ready to move forward with your website, please fill out the Web Design Information Form and lets get started! 

NOTE:  Website creation can be as little as the home page (one page) or as many as the client wishes.  Pages can always be added later via hourly maintenance or written proposal.

Questions to Consider  |  Web Page Section Description  |  Needs Assessment Form

Questions to Consider:

What is the message you want to get across to someone clicking into your site?

How do you want your visitors to feel when they see your site?

  What is the name of your business and/or website?

Do you have a domain name?  Recommendation:  www.GoDaddy.com

Do you have a logo, brochure, picture or color scheme you would like to use for your website?

Do you have a list of 3 to 5 websites you like the layout, style or theme?

How many pages will you need?  Example:  Home, about, contact, privacy, newsletter sign up, news archive, services, products, workshops, registration page, links, articles.

Do you need a form to gather information from people clicking into the site, such as a registration form or comments form?

Do you have products for sale?

Do you offer workshops?

Do you offer services?

Will you need a drop down menu?

Do you have a menu location preference - top of page or to the side?

Will you need a scheduling program to schedule services?

Do you want to send out a newsletter?  We recommend AWeber.

Will you need a way to take payments for services and/or products?  We recommend PayPal or Google.

Will you want to offer e-books? Ecourses?  Downloadable reports?  We recommend AWeber.

Will you want to offer downloadable MP3 files?

Will you need a calendar that lists your events?

Would you like a small calendar that simply shows the date?

Do you have pictures to add to your website?

Do you have your text written for the website?

What are you ideas for marketing the website?

Would you like to offer the option of the viewer to listen to music while clicking through your website?

Will you need an advertisement program to sell advertising space on your website?

Will you need a forum?

Will you need a blog or link an existing blog?

Will you need a slideshow for pictures?

Would you like an e-card program?

All pictures and text are provided by the client. 

Web Page Section Description

Home Page

Home Page Example

When the home page opens in a monitor, the visual and written content has roughly 30 seconds to capture the attention of the person clicking in.  What shows is like "Above the Fold" of a newspaper - "eye catching" information should be right there in the monitor without scrolling.  Web Designs by Kate creates fast loading websites because people will not wait for the page to load if it is slow - they will click into another website. 

Interior Pages
All the content you have to share with the world of cyber-space.

Web Designs by Kate designs headers to be visually appealing, welcoming and clearly tell the viewer where they are.

Web Designs by Kate includes contact information in the footer information to ensure that people can reach you through your location, email and/or phone number.

Navigation of a website is critical - people need to be able to move from page to page through an easy to understand menu system.  If a drop down menu is used we have learned that an additional linking system must be incorporated at the bottom of each page for search engine web crawlers to index the interior pages.   

Body of Page
Some fonts are easy to read on the internet, some simply are not.  Web Designs by Kate creates websites that are easy to read without glaring shouting fonts and colors.  Our websites are designed to welcome people into the websites, not shout them away.

Links to other Interior Pages
The links at the bottom of pages are designed to aid in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Needs Assessment Form

The Needs Assessment Form has been removed.  Please email Kate.


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